Interior and Exterior Murals for Residential, Commercial and Public Spaces

I love doing murals. My natural tendency is to work as large as I can. I love painting in large strokes that become physical, like dancing. And like a dance, a mural can be a solo act, but is most often a collaboration. A commission is a partnership. It is important to me that a mural reflect the space it occupies and the people who live, work and pass by it.

My current project is a facing pair of 500 square foot murals in South Cumminsville, Cincinnati. In this instance, I am working with neighborhood children, whose images of local history are being collaged together to form a monumental statement.

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Flood & Fire Detail
Oral Tradition

South Cumminsville, Cincinnati
Al Fresco, Detail
Al Fresco

Florence, KY

A series of public murals
featuring portraits of
young Over-the-Rhine residents
Building Facades

Before & After



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