This Website belongs to C. A. Newsome, author of the Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries. It details my painterly pursuits before an accident and head injury forced a segue into a writing career. I have ignored this site for close to 10 years and was going to dismantle it, but it keeps getting hits. I am especially proud of my New Leaf Project and Urban Mirage. If you poke around the site, I hope you'll visit those pages. The contact links (some of which have been repaired) were broken for years, so if anyone has tried to contact me through this site in recent years, I apologize. You can reach me via carolannnewsome AT netzero DOT net or through my author website,

Welcome to the online gallery of artist
Carol Ann Newsome

featuring murals for public and private spaces, oil paintings, pet portraits,
and New Leaf, my global guerrilla art good will project.

Some galleries are contained within this site. Others have sites of their own.

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View from Bluff Mountain

Oil on canvas, plein-air, ala prima
Paint Your Darlin'

Pet portraits, oil on canvas
New Leaf

A global guerrilla art good will project
spanning 10 years and 60 countries

A series of public murals
featuring portraits of
young Over-the-Rhine residents
Markey Commission Detail

Interior and exterior murals
Commercial, residential, and community
Brian's Box, Detail
Decorative Painting

boxes, furniture, anything you can imagine!
New Leaf Store

T-Shirts, Mugs, Clocks, and More
featuring reproductions from New Leaf
happy mail
Residencies and Workshops

Tailored to fit your needs
in a variety of subjects for all ages
emphasizing personal creativity
and group collaboration
Carol and Leaf
About Carol

Contact Carol at

Copyright© 2005 by Carol Ann Newsome